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    Find invalide caracteres

    TommyMTL Level 1
      I need to valide a list of email by checking if the email does not containe any caracteres from a badword list

      my@email.com is valid
      my\@email.com is or "anything part of my bad words" contained on any part of my email will be NOT valid

      So I have create a list of invalid caracteres
      <cfset ListCheck = ValueList(BadWords.Word, ";")>
      this step is working fine

      To validate:
      <cfif ListContains(DistributionListEmail.DL_Email,"#ListCheck#")>
      <font color="##FF0000">NE SEMBLE PAS VALIDE</font>
      <font color="##006600">Semble valide</font>
      does not work

      What am I missing?

      many thanks