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    Working from a DVD I made

      Hello all


      I have a box full of 8mm tapes I made years ago. I know they are nearing their expiration point.  I have copied them onto my dvr and preformed some basis editing. I wanted to futher edit them, add a sound track, etc. I discovered Premiere will not accept that file format. What must I do to get a workable format I installed the additional codecs as suggested on Help.  What I have is dvd video with a file folder of  VIDEO-TS.

      Files: Video_TS.BUP  Video_TS.VOB  VTS_01_0.IFO   VTS__01_2.VOB etc, etc.  Can anyone give me an idea ????


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Its the .vob you want, they contain the footage.

          Change the extention of the .vob to .mpg in the windows explorer.

          Now you can import them into Premiere.

          You may also need to install the AC3 filter codec for the audio www.ac3filter.net

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            Hello Ann


            Thanks a lot for the quick help. I downloaded the AC3 Filter. Now do I need to change the ext. on all the vob's??? And only the vob's??

            Thanks again

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              Dan Isaacs Level 2

              The biggest problem here is not the extension on the file: Premiere does not always deal that well with muxed MPEG (files containing both audio and video) -- except for formats like HDV, etc.


              Another issue here is that VOB files may contain other data, such as multiple languages, angles, commentary, etc. that can screw things up. Also, VOB sets can span several different segments -- and you'll usually want to combine these for ease-of-editing.


              You will generally get more predicatable results demuxing (splitting the audio and video into separate files) the file first and then importing the elementary streams (such as .m2v and .ac3 files).


              Try DGMPGDec (aka DGIndex), a freeware program by Donald Graft. In DGIndex…


              1. Use File > Open to select the VOB segments you wish to demux
              2. Set Audio > Output Method > Demux All Tracks
              3. Choose File > Save Project and Demux Video. You'll be prompted to enter a filename for the "project" (.d2v format), but this is not important unless you plan to use the file in AviSynth (that's another discussion for another time)
              4. Import the resulting streams (usually .m2v and .ac3 files) into Premiere. Sometimes multiple audio tracks will be created (such as when your DVD contains multiple languages).
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                Ann   Please forgive my dumb questions! ! !  All this new stuff is mostly over my 73 year old head.  My son got the Premiere to give me something to keep me busy.  How is the proper way changing the vob. ext.  Maybe I need to load the DVD into my computer ?? Is there a way to do that??

                Thanks again

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                  Dan Isaacs Level 2
                  1. Place the DVD in your computer's DVD drive
                  2. Locate the VIDEO_TS folder
                  3. Select the files whose names end with .VOB and copy these to a folder on your computer's hard drive
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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    This is a home made dvd so it will not give you much trouble, just copy it to the hard drive.

                    Unfortunately some else has to tell you how to change the extention of all the .vob's as i do not have an English Windows (XP, I assume) and therefor do not know the excact English names for the directories.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      My preferred solution to situations like this are to have the 8mm tapes transferred to MiniDV tapes.  In fact, I just dropped off two this morning for transfer at a local facility.

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                        Hi all and thanks ! ! !


                        I already transferred the video from the 8mm to a DVD.  I edited them somewhat in my old DVR that allows much more than the new ones.but I wanted to fine tune the editing, add titles plus background music. I'm told that Premiere is the best for that.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          Premiere is an excellent editor, but DVDs do not make the best source.  That's why I was suggesting a new transfer to MiniDV tape if you intend to edit them.

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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            If editing mpg becomes a problem you do not need to transfer them to mini-dv, waste of time.

                            Exporting to Microsoft dv-avi is sufficient.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 8

                              Ann's suggestion is valid, but it leaves you with a level of compression in the chain which may introduce artifacts.  A new transfer from the original tapes to MiniDV would avoid that.

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                                Thanks for all the replies. So please remember this old 73 year old brain is kinda slow so bare with me.


                                I'm nor sure if I can afford to make the transfer to MiniDV.  Plus I have no idea what a MiniDV is ???

                                If you're referring to the 3 inch disc, these videos will be a minimum of just under 2 hours after the editing, titleing.

                                1). I'll copy and paste each of the VOB items within the TS folder to a new folder on my HD

                                2).Then I'll change those VOB extensions to mpg (Not sure how to do this)

                                3).If I am sucessful in changing the extensions, opening the files in Premiere. Then comes the soul searching

                                   effort of doing the editing, titleing and background music track within Soundbooth.

                                4).Now that I have gotten all of this accomplished, will changes be required BEFORE I burn the new project??

                                    Changes that will permit the playing the new dvd on the std DVD player and or computer??


                                I forgot to mention I'm running a Dell XPS with Windows XP.

                                Thanks a bunch

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                                  I have no idea what a MiniDV is ???


                                  Then it probably wouldn't help you, as you'd need a MiniDV camera to capture the tapes for editing.

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                                    I finally remembered how to change the extension but in the process I screwed up the DVD in my drive. Not sure how that happened but it did. Thank God I had used a little movie that I could afford to loose. What I don't understand is how I made the changes to the (Icon and file name). Now I cannot change back the file names because Windows is telling me that what I want to change is a READ ONLY  (DVD Disc) .Was able to change the extensions on the files I copied to mpg. I tried openning that movie in Premiere. Did not appear in the Premiere screen nowhere. So much for that ! ! ! !


                                    I have about decided that this whole effort is over my head. A few years ago I done several little projects on Pinnacle. That worked out pretty good. I used an older capture "box". After I finished my last item, I thought I might do a "tryout" of Premiere. That fell through because my capture box would not work with Premiere.


                                    If anyone has any suggestions, send me a note.

                                    Thanks and have a Happy Easter

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                                      Eddie Lotter Level 4

                                      If anyone has any suggestions, send me a note.


                                      The best suggestion I can offer is to watch these tutorials to learn how PPro works. It is often easier to learn something when you watch someone actually doing it.

                                      Once you have learned how to use the product you will have a  much less frustrating time with your projects.


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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        You will not be able to change any filenames, or extensions on the DVD. You will need to copy the files over to the computer's HDD (Hard Disc Drive), and then make the changes to the copies (only).


                                        You and I are from the same genre, so I understand where you're coming from. Luckily, IBM and HP were my biggest clients, back when the term "PC" was introduced. That helps.


                                        As for the Importing of the VOB files into PrPro, Eddie Lotter has a good link to how to do it, some of which might be included in his other links in this thread.


                                        Actually, Adobe's other NLE program, Premiere Elements, does a fair job with VOB's, though it is not perfect, either, just handles this task better than Premiere Pro does, as it's geared towards working with material generated via a pro-sumer, or pro video camera.


                                        Personally, I usually use a VHS/DVD Panasonic player to feed a DVD through my capture card, and Save_As a DV-AVI Type II file. Obviously, I'd always rather work from the files that were used to MAKE the DVD, rather than from the files ON the DVD, but sometimes, it cannot be done - usually, the client deleted the original files, or similar.


                                        If you are not successful with the various methods that have been recommended (all are valid and good, though for various reasons, might not work in PrP), I'll make you a deal. I'm heading to London for a week this Sunday morning (talk about Easter Sunrise Services - it'll be at LAX, prior to the LHR flight), so will be gone until the following Saturday. I'll be glad to convert your DVD-Video to a series of Data DVD's, with DV-AVI files on them. As DV-AVI is about 13GB per hour of footage, and DVD's only store 4.7GB of data, you'll get a rather large set of these, but I'll break them up, as closely, as I can, so you can Import these into PrPro and work on them. My e-mail is in my profile. Just remember that I'll be out of the US for a week, and then back for 5 days, before going to Washington, DC for another week. If you can wait, I'll happily make the conversions for you.


                                        Good luck, and I'll bet that you are almost there already.




                                        PS miniDV = miniDV tape, which is still probably the main recording medium for video cameras, outside of the professional world.

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                                          Dear Mister Snob


                                          Sounds good to me. Speaking of tapes, most of the ones I want to work on in Premiere the originals are on 8mm tape. Some I used my old Panasonic

                                          DVR...(out of production for years)  to put onto DVD both for more editing and more than anything to preserve the "memories"  The tapes are nearing their  expiration point They have been given years of TLC. I'm sure all are of my work life in Brazil. I was there on an assignment for 4 years for the Dupont Co. After that, I took the last "gold train" out at the end of 92. I was 57. Lived at Myrtle Beach, SC for 15 years. Then the bottom fell out and the health went bad. Moved to Raleigh, NC because my oldest daughter lives here and I'm close to Duke Medical Center. I'm on oxygen 24/7.  Can't do too much "running around" only until I come to the end of the tubing leash. lol  I don't say too much to my kids but I hope I can get these cleaned up before ???

                                          I know what you're talking about the old days of DOS. As for learning the computer, I was the last holdout. One day the boss came to the office and handed me a property pass for an Compac portable. It was about the size of a medium luggage. His words were short...He said "learn the damn thing"

                                          Of course Dupont  sent a bunch of us to computer school.  I still think the instructor was teaching programming.  Hell, I could't turn the thing on.

                                          What about me sending you the tapes  and you could do your thing.  Was just thinking.....I need to check the yellow pages for the possible place here that would do that work. I'm sure you have only a little time each day.  After I retired, there was no way there was enough hours in the day.


                                          Sorry about telling you my life's history.  Talk at you soon.  Have a good trip and a Happy Easter.