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    Adobe Professional Will Not Start

      Good evening,

      I had Adobe Professional 7.0 installed on my computer. A malware forced me to scrap the hard drive and replace it with a new one. After reinstalling Adobe Professional 7.0 Tryout (I have the activation code that I purchased after downloading the program about 3 years ago) I cannot start it. When I attempt to start it the mouse arrow turns into an hour glass for about 15 seconds and that's it. Nothing happens. I can't even enter my activation code because the program doesn't pop up on the screen.

      I have Microsoft OneCare installed. The firewall permits acrobat.exe to access the Internet

      I tried to download an update but I got a message saying the update could not be installed because the program wasn't found!

      Any idea where the screwup is?

      Thanks for your suggestions.