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    Transition on Adjacent Clips Causes PE4 to Halt...

    Kodebuster Level 3

      Any idea why on certain adjacent AV clips I can only get a 'Dissolve to Black" to sit on only one side of the pair. All clips in the project are DV-AVI and were generated in the same fashion prior to loading into PE.




      If I leave the Dissolve on only one side of the pair, when I click on Share/Disk, PE Halts and won't restart without a re-boot. Remove the Dissolve and Burn-to-Folder completes okay. I can re-produce the halt at will.





      Any ideas appreciated...

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I've got two:


          1.) Handles: depending on the Duration of your Transition, you need half of that Duration (if the Transition is centered) in extra frames to allow for it to be used, i.e. with a 30 frame Duration Tranisition, you need 15 frames on each adjacet Clip. If you do not have those Handles, you can only place the Transition onto one of the Clips, with the exception of Dip-to-Black. That's why one should always shoot a second, or two, of extra footage per scene/Clip. In Clips that are longer, but have had the In & Out Points set, this is why one often sees a frame, or two, from the next shot, just as the Transition gets to the mid-point - the Handles are not quite long enough. Check carefully, that have adequate Handles at the Tail of the first Clip and at the Head of the next one.


          2.) Gaps: The same thing happens (or so it appears), if one has an even 1 frame gap, between the two Clips. If one is looking at the Timeline zoomed out, these are hard to see. Gaps can (though not always) cause all sorts of problems. They are most easily spotted by zooming in to the frame-view-level, and looking closely. I also will hit Home, then PageDn, to step through each Clip. The CTI (Current Time Indicator) should go smoothly from Clip to Clip. If you get a "pause" or "hesitation," then you likely have a gap. These can be closed up by: moving all following Clips to the left to close, or by extending the Duration of one of the nearly adjacent Clips by the required number of frames (see Handles, above). If one is doing Dip-to-Black, a tiny piece of Black Video can be inserted.


          Now, why PE halts on you, is a bit of a mystery, as it will usually play through problems with Handles and also gaps. Not sure what is causing that.


          Tell us a bit more about your two "adjacent" Clips and also which Transitions you are using. That might help figure out the reason for the pause.


          Good luck,



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            Kodebuster Level 3

            Hunt, I'm playing with lots of small duration clips within about a 60 minute project.



            So your explaination of handles, frames, and "hard to see gaps" makes sense. I'm suspecting this is also the reason behind the halts on this project. I rarely get a halt on other projects, but it's not uncommon with PE.


            Are 'handles and frames' one and the same (I get the feeling that they are not) ???


            No clip is shorter than 10 seconds, so I don't think it's a low frame issue.


            I'm attemping tp export the entire timeline as DV-AVI without a halt, then re-import, thinking this will clean up gaps, then I break the AV and add transitions where I please.




            (In my original post I said 'Dissolve to Black", I stand corrected, it was in fact 'Dip to Black' as you indicated)...


            I'll update as my adventure progresses...

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Here's an illustration of how things used to be done back in cine days (if one is not editing digital images, it's still done this way, but with black leader attached). Now, in most NLE situations, you'd have the Clips on the same Video Track in the Project, but I have them separated on different Video Tracks as an example.




              I hope that this clears up the issue of Handles. For most Transitions (Dip-to-Black can be an exception), you need half of the Duration of the Transition in extra frames, to allow the Transition to work effectively. When setting In & Out Points, you can see that the Clip MUST contain usable frames beyond those points. If they do not, several things can happen, and they are usually not what you want.



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                Kodebuster Level 3

                Hey, nice illustration to explain handles, so it's the area leading or trailing an AV consisting of approx 15 frames.


                I was able to export the entire timeline to DV-AVI, then re-load and apply transitions okay.


                Burn and play are okay.


                I'm back in the promised land...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Great news Kodebuster,


                  As I came from cine, it actually took me a moment to get my head around Handles. The moment that I translated NLE work back to cine, it all made perfect sense. It was also probably easier to grasp, back when one did A-B roll digital editing. About the time that NLE programs moved it all to one Video Track in the Timeline, many people were confused, because they did not see the Clips in the same way, as with A-B roll editing.


                  Thanks for reporting back,