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    Client / server interactive web site


      I'm a freelance developer and will have to build an interactive client-server application.
      Nothing has been decided yet in terms of platform/software, neither server nor client side. The only constraint is that users will access the application from their browser.

      Project: the project is a very interactive web site - it is a kind of market orders placement site.

      1. User's page shows items and their prices
      2. User place orders
      3. Anytime there is a change in the items stock/price the user's page is (asynchronously) updated

      The idea is - unlike Ajax - not to poll the server every 5" for instance. The need is that the browser has to get the information from the server asynchronously, i.e. without requesting it.

      Server side will be either a C++ application binding to a specific port, or some PHP scripting. I'm not worrying for the server side.

      However, client side, the need is an interface that is able to answer asynchronous queries from the server - like a permanent TCP/IP connection.
      This is new to me, as I never had to face such a need.

      My best guess so far, is either a Java applet, or a Flash module.

      My question is: what do you think of what could be the best match client/server - and more specifically, what is your advice client side? Is Flash appropriate for that? Would you recommend something else?