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    Is it not possible to print Flash embedded in PDF as you see it on screen?



      I have this problem to which I cannot find a solution. I posted my question to another mailing list but I didn't get a reaction.


      It is about printing a PDF which contains Flash movies. Actually zooming is an issue too, but printing is more important.


      I have attached a sample file. When opened with Adobe Reader 9.1, the first page looks OK. The charts on the
      second page are wider than the page width, so that's OK too.


      Zoom in; you will observe that the Flash charts will not get resized right away. To
      see the effect of zooming, set the page display to "single page", page


      Print the file, the size of the printed Flash charts is much smaller than what is


      Am I missing something, or isn't printing PDF with embedded Flash movies 100% supported?