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    CFINPUT dateField with onChange

      Consider the following basic code that works with handling a selectedDate:

      <!--- Set initial dates.--->
      <cfparam name="Form.selectdate" default="#dateformat(now(), 'mm/dd/yyyy')#">

      <!--- Display the current date value. --->
      <cfif isDefined("Form.submitit")>
      <cfoutput><b>You selected #Form.selectDate#</b><br><br></cfoutput>
      <cfoutput><b>Form date is #Form.selectDate#</b><br><br></cfoutput>

      <b>Please select a date on the calendar and click Save.</b><br>
      <cfform name="form1" format="Flash" skin="haloBlue" width="375" height="350" >
      <cfinput type="dateField"
      label="Initial date"
      value="#Form.selectdate#" >
      <cfinput type="Submit" name="submitit" value="Save" width="100">

      I would like to accomplish the same thing but use onChange instead of a submit.