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    where does Flex Bldr 3 Pro need to be w/automation

    vondalyn Level 1

      Our application was developed and compiled with the Eclipse Flex 3 Plugin

      We're using the runtime loader for the automation files and that was compiled using the Eclipse Flex 3 Plugin

      Automation is working other than we get a trail version license error upon playback, causing the test to fail.

      We found that we need to have Flex Builder 3 Professional in order to prevent the license error.

      We have this in-house, but what is not clear is what needs to happen.  We tried installing it on the test machine that's running the automation, but still received the error.

      Do we just need to compile the runtime loader files using FB3P?  Do we need to compile both the application and the runtime loader files using FB3P?  Does FB3P need to be installed on the server hosting the application?

      Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks