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    Premiere Elements won't start


      Hey all:


      I have Premiere Elements 3.0, which is true, I don't use it too often. But today I wanted to use it, and after the splash screen, I get the following error message:


      MS Virtual C++ Runtime Library


      -Pure Virtual Function Call


      I suppose the answer is to re-install, but was hoping there was a better answer!




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          This is most likely a problem with the MS Windows RunTime.dll. There have been several updates to that, and they are version specific, so make sure to only download and install the one for your version of Windows. IIRC, these are available on the MS site. I'll also look for some links to other RunTime problems with Adobe software, but as the fora have been redone, might not be able to find those.


          Good luck,




          [Edit] Here's one, but not the one with links to MS articles, that I am looking for.


          Here's another.