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    Sort Order In Project Bin

    jimclark1947 Level 1

      I have created a bin for my project.  I want to import 5 clips into that bin that are named 001 thru 005.  When they import the first clip at the top of the list is 005, followed by 001, 2, 3, 4.  I would like to have the clips appear in the correct order so I can automate to sequence using sort order.


      If I attempt to drag clip 005 down to the bottom of the list it will actually drop outside the bin.  But if I undo the move then it will put the clip back into the bin, and in the correct order at the bottom of the list.


      This happens every time when I import a group of clips.  The last clip always comes in at the top of the list.  I don't always want to keep the same sort order but when I do it is necessary to move one.  Is there some way to change how I am importing a group of clips that I wish to keep in the same sort order?  If not then is there a way to sort the bin of clips once I have them imported?