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    Having Trouble Making Flash Background Transparent

    Meb Moon


      First post here.  I'm hoping someone can help me.

      I designed a Flash site in CS3 using Action Script 2.0 that has a main flash movie sorta floating in space over a gradient background. I wanted the gradient background to be full-screen and re-size with the browser, so I thought that the easiest way to do this would be to delete the gradient background image in Flash and instead recreate the background in Dreamweaver using the repeat background option and then make the Flash movie's background transparent. (I hope I'm making some amount of sense here).

      I've found a few tutorials on how to do this, but so far I just get a white background in Dreamweaver instead of transparent. I've tried choosing "Transparent - Windowless" in Flash under Window Mode on the HTML tab in Publish Settings. And I've tried selecting the movie from within DW and clicking the parameter button and adding a "wmode" parameter with "transparent" as its value.  But, so far.... no luck.  What am I missing?  Any suggestions?

      Thanks so much!