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    subfolders in Map Files and Baggage?

      Using Robo 6 to create webhelp. This is one of many issues I'm seeing since inheriting this help project that had not been updated in 2+ years.


      Today's question is, why are the topic folder names that I use to organize my content being re-created under Map IDs and Baggage? I have 5 folders under HTML Files (Topics) and these same folder names show up under Map Files and Baggage files, and they are empty. Also one HTMLPages folder is showing up that isnt' even in my help project. I have 5 other stand-alone help pages that I use Robo to maintain but they are in a completely different folder, outside of the Help project fodler.


      I only have one map ID file and no baggage files. But it won't let me delete these "extra folders under Map Files and Baggage fiels so clearly it thinks they are needed.