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    2 problems with populating pdf forms


      I created a form in LiveCycle on top of an existing PDF.  The form has 2 text fields (a company name) and an image (a company logo), and all are dynamically populated depending on who requested the  form.  I am using CF 8 to read the database and populate the fields. See tags below.


      1. I have tried a zillion different ways to generate a line feed in one of the text fields but to no avail. In all cases, the characters actually appear in the output text.   Supposedly the LiveCycle doc says I can use udf escape sequences like "\u000d\u000a" but those do not work  Other attempts included '\x0d\x0a' " \r" "<br>" \line but to no avail.


      Does anyone know what character sequence to embed in a text field to cause a line feed in the output PDF?


      2. I cannot find any documentation on how to specify the value for an imagefield on the PDF form.  I am trying to place a company logo but nothing comes out on the pdf. Apparently I need something other than value="logofilename.jpg" but I can't find any doc on what to use.


      Here is my code - very simple:


              <cfpdfform source="#sourcePDFpath#" action="populate">
                  <cfpdfsubform name="topmostsubform">
                      <cfpdfformparam name="txtAssocName" value="#Trim(assocName)#"> <!--- this displays OK --->
                      <cfpdfformparam name="txtAssocAddress" value="#Trim(assocAddrFields)#"   > <!--- line feeds are not working between city and state --->
                      <cfpdfformparam name="logo" value="1.jpg"  >  <!--- image does not display --->


      Thank you, in advance, for your help!