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    How to open a new browser window without toolbar, location, and menu bars from AIR?

      I have the following problem in my Flex+AIR application. I need to embed an ActiveX component that has JavaScript API inside my application. I tried to embed it inside <mx:HTML> component but unfortunately, AIR doesnot support plug-ins or ActiveX controls. So I've decided to open it in a new browser window. I tried navigateToURL(...) method but it has two problems - it is opening a new tab in the existing browser window and there is no way for me to configure the new browser window appearance, like removing toolbar, menu bar, location bar, etc. Then I tried to open a new window from JavaScript running inside <mx:HTML> component using window.open(...) API but it doesn't open a new window at all.


      Is there any way for me to open a new browser window without toolbar, location bar, etc. (which will run ActiveX control, so it cannot be AIR window) from inside AIR?


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