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    Handling data from a streaming http connection


      I have a general question that hopefully someone can point me in the right direction on...


      I've used several of the different ways of getting data in Flex, AMF gateways from CF, SOAP and REST, wsdl's, etc, etc, but the latest product I'm investigating for a Flex UI is unique from what I've seen before.  In a nutshell we have small touchscreen notebooks that run Debian Linux and liteHTTP.  These boxes run a collection of C++ modules and python scripts that are the actual brains of the system, and these are controlled by a couple of main daemons that  recieve commands from and send data/results back to an XML engine.  This XML that is going in and out is then sent through liteHTTP as a continuous streaming http connection.  So, for example, there are a couple of services that any UI must hit that opens up this never ending connection that is updated every few seconds with added nodes to the XML file.


      In my prior use of getting back XML from an HTTPService call it was always a case of open the connection, get back all the xml, connection closes, and then I have a result set to work with.  So my question is there a way to handle a data connection in Actionscript that doesn't end?  Ideally I'd want to be able to make a connection, parse the immediate results, and then parse any new additions in real time as they come in.