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    sizeable application



      Is it possible to design the web application using flex in such way, that the content of the application window could be resized seamlesly to any window (screen) size ? I want to size all elements, e.g. like the winamp double size function.


      Thank you !

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Hi there, sure you can you just need to set percentage width and heights for your container, navigators and so on take a look at the documentation for the topic : Sizing visual components.


          Hope this help you.

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            The problem with example in documentation is that tha the font sizes in button and label remains same.


            <mx:HBox id="hb1" width="100%">
            <mx:Label id="lb1" text="Hello" width="25%"/>
            <mx:Image id="img1" source="@Embed(source='image.jpg')" width="75%"/>
            <mx:Button id="b1" label="Button" width="25%"/>


            So, when I design application e.g. 1280x800 screen, and then display it on 1920x1200 all fonts are small. This is very similar to html and css design, what I did past years.

            What I am looking for is full resizing including the font sizes, button heights etc... Is this possible with flex ?

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              In the CSS can you not set the font sizes to things like 'small' instead of a fixed size to solve that?

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                Michael Borbor Level 4

                You can but there's isn't difference that doesn't solve the resize problem I think that the solution will be create a function that changes the font size base on the browser dimensions.