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    Corner pin is all messed up

      In CS3, corner pin isn't working right. If I use the Adobe corner pin, the video corners don't follow the cross-hairs at all. I can put the 4 corner pins just where I want them, but the video itself isn't anywhere close to where it's supposed to be. Sometimes it will go to the right spot when I render the effect, but sometimes it plays back jumping back and forth between the correct position and someplace else.


      If I try to use Red Giant corner pin, the video will not follow the crosshairs as I drag them, but it usually renders out to the correct spot. But if I try to add another corner pin to the same segment, the first corner pin video  jumps way out of position again--sometimes covering the area that I need to see to add corner pin to the next video.


      It's taking forever to try to get things matched up this way. I've got a quad core system, XP Home, less than a year old, so it should be a question of having enough horsepower to do this. What could be causing the problem?