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    Context Mapping Annnoyance

    JaredHess Level 1

      In RH, for context mapping, whenever I assign a topic to my ID in my BSSCDEFAULT.H file, it refreshes the window but doesn't scroll back down where I was working, so for each new ID I'm assigning I ahve to scroll back down. Annoying. Is there a way around this? Any free third party tools? It's not a big deal for a few mappings, but when you have to go through many of them, even the little things start to irk you.

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          Because your header file and alias files are text files you can work with them in a text editor such as notepad.  I actually find this to be convenient and bypass the RH context help dialog altogether.  It will solve the scrolling issue, because you can leave the editor open, but it may cause other annoyances.  Good luck.