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    Can't display protected PDF doc in XP IE

      I have an XP desktop and Vista notebook. They both use the same AVG 8.5
      Security Suit, IE 7 and the same Adobe Reader 8 version, with the same
      config options as far as I can tell. Yet, my Vista laptop has no problem
      displaying protected PDF financial statements from the Scottrade and
      Costco web sites, where the XP desktop would only display a blank in the
      popup window in place of the PDF document. There is no error message
      that would clue me in as to why this may be happening. On most other web
      sites I don't have this problem, though they tend to be not secure
      sites. I now updated the Reader on XP to the 9.1 version, but the problem

      still persists. Now, I must admit that my old XP desktop is pretty underpowered

      compared to my new Vista notebook; it runs an 850 MHz P3 and I noticed in

      the Reader systems requirements that it wants at lest a 1.3 GHz CPU.

      Could this be my problem? Why is it only a problem with proected PDF docs

      and not with others? I expect the Reader to work more sluggishly with a slower

      CPU but not working at all is not what I would expect. Am I wrong?