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    Purge a process Instance




      I want to use the ProcessManager API to purge some specific long lived process Instances like this :



      But i didn't find a way to get the invocation ID of my process instance.

      I use the TaskManagerQueryService to search for process instances and get a list of ProcessInstanceRow objects.

      But unfortunately, this object doesn't have an invocationID attribute, only the processInstanceID...

      Is there a way to get the invocationID from a process instance ?




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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          We also have a purge tool under C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\LiveCycle_ES_SDK\misc\Foundation\ProcessPurgeTool that might be easier to use.



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            wmegel Level 1



            I know this tool and I tried it but it's a batch used to purge a lot of process intstances depending on the creation date and other stuff.

            In the source of the batch i founded that it use the process Manager API to purge instances.

            I need to purge a specific process instance and I only know the process instance ID of it.

            The only method I know to purge a specific instance is this one (from the Process Manager API, the same used by the batch) :

            ProcessManager pm = new ProcessManager(_factory);



            But I don't know how to get the invocation ID of my process Instance.


            Best regards,



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              HowardTreisman Level 1


              We have a component in beta that will allow you to do this.

              Please contact info@avoka.com for more details.