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    Audio and time re-mapping

      I'm trying to speed up a clip between keyframes, but the audio is not being effected synchronous to the video. I've searched the adobe site, and it helpfully informs me that this will happen, but offers no solution. Is there any way to either speed up an audio clip between keyframes (perhaps in Soundbooth), or to separate the audio and video that I might razor out the bit of audio that correlates to the sped up portion of the video?

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          As you've found out; if you use the time re-mapping effoct; audio gets igmored; is not remapped.


          Typically in video that is significantly time distored, the sounndtrack is a separate soundtrack; so this isnt a problem.


          If you need to keep the original audio in sync with the time remapped video; here isa crude work around.  Its not perfect.


          • Disconnect the audio track from the video track. (unlink)
          • Do youd time remapping to the video track
          • The result will be your video track will be longer or shorter that the audio track.
          • Use the time stretch tool in the toolbar to time stretch the audio clip to match the same length as the video.   Note this will mke the audio have a single speed, which likely isnt matching how you ramped the speed on the video clip.  But it will start and stop at the same time.    Alternately; razor the audio a few places to try toadjust the spped with the video