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    PE4 - Data restore - lost links for  a project

      Let me start by stating that I am a newbie at Premiere and video editing in general.  I recently had a hard disk failure, but lucky for me I did have a backup.  When I restored my data, much of the file structure was lost, even though I have the files.  I was in the midst of working on a large PE3 project and had all of my clips edited, sorted etc and was about to laydown the music tracks.  Then the hard drive failure.

      Now I can fid all of the raw footage, I can even find the Adobe project files.  When I open the project files, it cannot link to the clips.


      I am simply in over my head trying to restore this so that I do not have to start over.


      Any assistance is appreciated.  I would even be willing to engage someone on a consultation basis.




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          What I would do would be to create a folder structure [Filemane=Project name] for your Project with your .PREL (Project file) in the root of that structure. Sub-folders would be Video, Audio, Stills, etc.. Place your AV files into the Video sub-folder. Do all of the "gathering" first.


          Then, when you launch PE, choose Open and navigate to the new folder structure, choosing your .PREL. When PE opens that Project, it will see that your media files are missing, and will provide a dialog to locate them. Navigate to your Video sub-folder, and locate the first file that PE is looking for. Once found, it *should* locate all of the others. If your original folder structure had Assets spread all over, PE will be asking again, but with all Video in one spot, you know where to send it. Keep this up, until everything has been found, and re-linked in PE. Once done, do a Save_As of your Project, and choose a new name, but keep it located in the root of your Project folder structure, say [Project Name]_01.prel.


          Note: if you have opened your Project, and chose Make Off-line, for the Assets, and have then done a Save, you will have to re-link each Asset from the Project Panel by hand. This consumes a great deal of time, and effort, and the "semi-automatic" finding of files will not take place.


          Good luck,