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    Data Service Update not sending the updated data back to the client

    savyasachi Level 1

      I am using a dataservice to fill a datagrid on the client. The data fill part and also the update part (up to some extent) is working fine. Whenever a data field is changed in the Grid it is showing as updated in the database and also in the datagrids with other clients. However, I ran into a strange issue with one update scenario where changing one particular field (status field) on the client changes another field (effort hours remaining) in the backend. For ex: If the status is changed as 'Completed' by client, java server code updates the effort hours to '0'. Based on the logs I am seeing both fields being changed however only the status field changed on the client is being reflected on the other clients, but not the effort hours changed by the java server code. As if the update operation is not sending the fields changed by the server code. Not sure what I am missing here. Appreciate any help.