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    Batch processing sequentially??

      Does anyone know if there's a way add a sequential prefix (ie: 01_, 02_,03_ etc...)  to a batch process?

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          SiamJai Level 2

          Not directly, as far as I know. But you can sequence-name your original files using Windows Explorer (if that's your system) and then optionally include a Rename step in your Fireworks batch to format the filenames.


          This works only when all the original images are in the same folder. First open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder that has your images, select all of them, and then right-click the first one. From the dropdown, select Rename. Enter a filename ("pic", for example), and hit Enter. The images will be sequentially named pic(1), pic(2), pic(3) etc.


          With that, your images are now sequentially named and are ready for batch processing. Optionally, you could include Fireworks' own Rename batch process step to format the filenames to your liking. I'll describe the steps for that below.


          What I'd do is replace the opening parenthesis (  with an underscore _ by using the Replace With option of the Rename step. Then once the batch finished running, I'd run a second batch with only the Rename option; this time replacing the closing parenthesis ) with nothing.


          The end result is that my files are sequentially named as the following: pic_1, pic_2, pic_3 etc. You can make your own more intuitive version with a little variation.


          It would be nice if FW had a more straightforward option to sequentialize batch process filenames, but this workaround usually gets the job done. I hope that will be the case with your pics as well.


          You can find out more about renaming files during batch process in the Fireworks manual.

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            Thanks. I am working on mac osx though. I suppose I can take it on a windows

            system and and rename but im looking for a osx solution. I agree Fireworks

            should provide a more streamlined batch processing function. It's a great

            production tool.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Adobe Bridge will allow you to do batch renaming and sequencing.


              Select the files you want to rename in Bridge, then choose Tools > Batch Rename.