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    Docking & Looping

    Franco888 Level 1

      Hi All:


        These 2 questions are probably very "introductory," but I just can't find them...


        1) I accidentally "undock" the Timeline Panel.  How do I "dock" it back?


        2) In the Timeline, how do I add a playback loop to the file so that. when I export say Quick Time or Windows Media, that it will loop back and play continuously?





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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          To redock; drack it back to a panel till it looks conect then drop it.   If you have problems goto the workspace menu and choose rest workspace


          You may a movie loop with the app that plays it, not with the source file.   Or if its a DVD, the authroing tool can make it loop

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            1. Just drag it back into the pane you want it in.


            2. Loops aren't possible within Premiere.  I don't normally use the export formats you're asking about, but if it's at all possible, it'll be an export setting.  My guess is that it's simply not possible to do this automatically.  The viewer will have to set it up inside whatever player they use to watch the file.