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    Import/Export Movies II


      Hi All:


         First, thanks Jim & Curt for the quick responses...


         Say I import an avi or quick time, and I would like to play ultimately in iPod Touch, what setting do I need to set for: 1) New Project, 2) New Sequence, 3) Export.


         The aspect ratio is normally Square Pixel (1.0) right?





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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          Think of it in two parts:


          1. Create your sequence with settings that match the majority of your source video.  If there isnt a preset that matches, you can make a custom one.   When you import your source footage; the info window or properties of the clip will show you a lot of info about the source clips
          2. When you export to media encoder, there will be an export preset for ipid and others.