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    After Effects folder size

      I have just installed Adobe After Effects cs3 trial for 30 days.
      Ater the installation I notived that the size of the after effects folder at
      (c---program fils---adobe----after effecrs cs3) is just 350mb.
      Other users told me that their folders is 1gig or higher.
      Is 350mb normal ? Isn't it too small ?
      This is just the after effects folder without any plugins.


      Thank you.
      Operating System: Windows XP Professional
      Browser: Microsoft IE

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Han: Where did you get (and why would you install) a trial version of After Effects CS3?

          AE CS4 was released more than six months ago, and I don't think the CS3 trial has been available from Adobe ever since.


          As for the folder size, bear in mind that The free trial version of Adobe After Effects software does not include some features that depend upon software licensed from parties other than Adobe. For example, mocha for After Effects, some effect plug-ins, and some codecs for encoding MPEG formats are available only with the full version of Adobe After Effects software.


          Also, effects like Keylight, Color Finesse and the whole Cycore FX set are not included in the trial version.


          Sorry, I never learned Hebrew, so I can't understand a word in your posted image

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            I have the cs3 version because I had downloaded it last year and burned it into a cd.

            I have already tried the cs4 version but it seems to run slowly on my computer so I use the cs3 version from the cd.

            And maybe you didn't understand me but I downloaded the trial version once from adobe but of course I have already activated it

            with activation code which I bought from adobe.

            So I have the full version.

            And my picture which I added says that the installation folder is just 330mb-isn't it to small ?


            Thank you.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              han98 wrote:


              And my picture which I added says that the installation folder is just 330mb-isn't it to small ?


              No it isn't. Apart from the fact, that the installer contains pretty much all the files of the full version (minus a few templates), but of course doesn't install them for the trial, bear in mind that the install package itself also contains multiple language versions of components. That doesn't affect so much AE, but some of the auxiliary components like Bridge, Premiere loaders, AME and MediaCore components and some of the third-party redistributables. You will notice that, if you e.g. installed on a German system (such as I do) and run AE in English - Bridge and some Encoders will still come up with German UIs, because only the German version was installed. So to summarize: The installer may contain 5 langauge versions, but only one is installed. Whether it is sensible is another matter of course, but some programs are just not flexible enough to allow different procedures and funnily AE is one of the few Adobe tools that can even be run in multiple languages without additional installs...



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                So everything is OK ?

                Is it normal, right ?

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  Yes, in so many words. You see, my local CS3 folder is about 700MB, however, half of that is third-party plug-ins. If I subtract those extra 350MB, the remaining 350 MB pretty much are the same like your 330MB, give or take a few MB for language specific variations and/or how the file size is measured by different OSs. Therefore everything is perfectly normal on your end as well, I daresay. And now happy Pessach/ Easter for us all! ;-)



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                    Thank you.