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    loader bar

      I have tried and failed at trying to get my loading bar to fill 100% of the filled area but it stops at about 60%. The action that controls it is on line 32 I think. When I try to define _width with numerical number (_width = 100) it brakes the script. Any help would be appreciated.:mad;
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          What is "_loader._bar.Wpos = percentage;" versus "_loader._bar._width"? Your code doesn't appear to be altering the width of "_bar". Why are you using 101 in the line of "percentage = Math.floor(infoLoaded/infoTotal*101);" this should be 100 (unless you have some kind of outline around the _bar that's 101 pixels and need the _bar to end at 101 width).

          So the question is: what is Wpos and how are you changing the width of _bar?