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    Mysteriously disappearing from text out of scroller and buttons you can press twice





      I have the weirdest problem. It’s a bit difficult to explain so I’ll add a link to the swf.


      The problem is:
      When I press my buttons twice, the text in the scroller disappears. Everything is set so that It shouldn’t be possible to press the same button twice though.


      The situation in short is as follows. I have 4 scenes and 4 buttons, every button linking to respectively another scene / page. The buttons all are in movieclips. I have 4 different movieclips all containing all buttons. For the ‘nieuws’ page movieclip the ‘nieuws’-button in the movieclip gets “switched of” by ungrouping it and so on, and so on.On every scene I put the movieclip, with the correct button switched of, on top, with the ‘swapDepths’ function. The other movieclips are made invisible by the ‘_visible = true’ + ‘delete this.onEnterFrame;’ function.


      Anyone knows how I can solve this?


      the .fla and the rest of the files or to be found right here:


      I’m not a develloper but a graphic designer. Don’t know much about AS2. I bought the photoslider and textscroller on FlashDen and thought I’d finnish of this project pretty quickly, but I’m thinking “I’m almost there” for already many hours now.