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    music edit

      Hi Premiernaughts


      I am a new to this system and need a little help.


      I have put a song (mp3) into a new project - fine so far.


      However, when the music file is played there is a second or so of silence before the music starts. The scroll bar rolles along so this silence is actually in the music file. How can I remove the tiny front section so this starts immediately? Just need  to edit off the front.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Sorry that I did not see this post until today - probably too late to help you. The "Tips & Tricks" sub-forum is really for sharing just that, tips and tricks. Actual questions should be posted to the main forum, so everyone will see them and can respond.


          Now to your problem. In Timeline View, just click-drag on the very beginning of your Clip. This sets the In-Point of the instance of the file on the Timeline. Drag until the very beginning of the song is heard. You can also position the file along the Timeline if you need to change the relationship of it to your Video. Unless you are changing its relationship, .i.e. where it starts relative to the Video, you do not need to bother removing the initial silence, as it will not hurt anything.


          You can also Dbl-click on the Audio file to take it into the Source Monitor. There you can also change the In-Point (and Out-Point, if needed).


          Be advised that MP3 Audio files can have problems in Premiere. Some play fine, but others will not. Since your's has Imported and does play, you do not seem to have any problems with it. If you have an issue with another one, you might need to convert it to .WAV format with the freeware, Audacity, or similar.


          Good luck, and hope that I wasn't too late,



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            What is the best program I can use to edit my music? I do a lot of creogophy for dance and march pass in my country and I use a lot of different types of music. Taking the music to a Disc Jockey cost a lot and I will like to do it on my own. I have tried it once on my computor, it came out great but it could of been better. What can I do?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Are you just trying to trim off the beginning of a song? You can do that right on the timeline in Premiere Elements!


              And you can edit your music files, as MP3s or WAVs, in Audacity. It's a free audio editor easily found online.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here is the link to Audacity, the freeware program that Steve and I both mentioned. Take a look at it, and see what you think.


                There are several articles on its use on Muvipix. I do not know if they are in the free section, or if they are in the subscriber's section.


                I happen to use Adobe Audition, but it is not an inexpensive program, and I think that Audacity can do most of what you would want.


                Let us know if it will work for you.


                Good luck,