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    How to access the EmbeddedFontRegistry in actionscript only code?



      My name is Zach and I am trying to push outside of the flex framework, but keep the advantages of RSL's.  I created my own Component/Data Library where all UI objects inherits directly from Sprite.  However, when I moved this out of the Flex environment into, what I am calling, 'the pure actionscript' envinronment my RSL's no longer loaded-- when I compiled, so for the past 6 months I have just been compiling them internally.  I finally had time to do some hunting and discovered the FlexModuleBootstrap, SimpleApplication and all of the fun undocumented things that go along with that and I have the RSL's loading, but now I am running into an error with my fonts:


      Error: No class registered for interface 'mx.core::IEmbeddedFontRegistry'.

                      at mx.core::Singleton$/getInstance()

                      at mx.core::EmbeddedFontRegistry$/registerFonts()

                      at _eThorityFW_mx_core_FlexModuleFactory/RSLRootCompleteListener()


      So I have been looking into this and the classes EmbeddedFontRegistry along with IEmbeddedFontRegistry are undocumented and Excluded from the framwork.swc and I'm stuck figuring out how to register my fonts outside of the Flex environment.  I have a single class called EmbeddedFonts which has the 6 embedded fonts in it and nothing else.  My guess is that I need a [frame(factoryclass=???)] metatag for this so it effectively adds the Fonts to the EmbeddedFontRegistry, but I am swimming in too much information right now.  If anyone out there has done this or has an idea of what I am to do I would be very grateful.