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    Having problems with Canon Raw / Jpeg with Canon 5D


      I have been noticing every time I open up a Raw file in CS2 the colors seem to be off and when I open up the Jpeg pic. they are compleatley different.  The Jpeg files colors really pop, where the Raw files look blowen out and take a lot of work in editing.

      What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to upgrade to the CS4 package?  Or is it a camera setting that I am missing?

      When I was shooting a Canon 10D both Raw and Jpeg were the same and the colors were good.  Thanks Keig

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          Dennis 1111 Level 2

          What you are seeing is the difference between how Canon develops the images and how Adobe develops the image (in CS2).  Your options are somewhat limited in CS2 but you can try the following:


          1. Open up a 5D image in Camera Raw.
          2. Make adjustments to make the image look as close to the Jpeg as you can.  This will probably mean adding some contrast, upping the shadows/blacks clipping point, and adding some saturation.
          3. Save those settings as a new Camera Raw default.  I don't remember if that is in the same place it is now ("Save new camera raw default" from the fly-out menu on the tab bar) but look around and you should find it.


          The hardest part will be trying to get a good match on the color.  An upgrade to CS4 would give you many enhancements to Camera Raw, including new Canon-like profiles that will give you 5D color similar to what you get in-camera or from Canon's Digital Photo Professional software.


          Hope that helps.

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            Keiger Level 1


            I will give it a try.  I have been opening them in Canon Pro and saving them as a Tiff.  then opening them in CS2 but you loose all the camera info.

            Thanks for the help.

            Is the CS4 upgrade worth the 200.00 if I can get the new profile right?

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              Dennis 1111 Level 2

              Evaluating the worth/value of the upgrade is a pretty personal thing although since you will be going from CS2 to CS4, there have been many changes in both PS and ACR.


              Specifically regarding raw color interpretation, most people feel that it is much better since CS3, when the new color engine and profiles became available.  You also have the option of using the DNG profile editor to shoot a ColorChecker chart and make your own custom profile.  It is easy to do and works very well.  It only requires investment in the chart ($60-70 US).


              The biggest downside to CS4 could be it's power requirements compared to your current machine.  In particular, it will work better if you have a fairly new graphics card with OpenGL capability.


              If you are interested, I would suggest downloading and trying out the demo.


              The DPP route you are currently using also works.  It just requires the intermediate files.