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    CS3 - can't import jpg - files grayed out - Mac

    BarkinB Level 1

      I'm trying to complete a tutorial in Fireworks CS3 on Mac 10.5.6.

      The step I'm stuck on is:

      "Select File > Import and browse to the following folder on your hard disk:



      Select banner-mockup.jpg and click Open.
      An insertion pointer appears indicating where the upper-left corner of the graphic will be positioned."


      None of the JPG files are selectable, they're grayed out.

      Other files in that folder, TXT and PNGs are selectable.

      Other JPGs that are not in the folder indicated are also selectable.

      I can drag the file from Finder into the Fireworks document ok.

      I've checked the Sharing & Permissions on the files and containing folders and they all have Read & Write.

      I copied a JPG that was selectable for import elsewhere into the fireworks_assets folder, and it's still selectable (not grayed out).

      The files were copied & pasted in an earlier tutorial step from a different folder (Macromedia Fireworks 8/Tutorial_assets).

      Trying to import them from the original location also fails.

      So it seems there's something specific to these JPGs causing Fireworks to not want to import them.

      I can't figure out what.

      The specific file I can't import is attached.