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    need buttons on base movie to become inactive when external movie loaded

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      I am working on a portfolio website and I have all my navigation with buttons linking to other pages, on the base level. All the buttons are  scattered around the stage and when one of these buttons is clicked an external movie is loaded in the centre of the page.


      The movie is a big white box with a slideshow of images from my portfolio in the centre of the stage.


      My problem is that the buttons on the base level are easily clicked by accident, even though you cant see them with the white box.


      Is there anyway I can stop the base movie clip working, once a button is clicked? When the user has finished looking at my slideshow images then they press a close button.



      Code used for button on main timeline:
      swfBtn.onRelease = function()

          loadMovieNum("graphicLayouts.swf", 1);


      Code used for Close button on external swf:

      on (release) {