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    dvd burning

      I'm using Premiere elements 7. After creating a video production with menu, I decided to save to file for later burning to DVD. I did this through the Share tab.How do I bring this file back to Premiere Elements to burn it? I tried copying the file in Vista Home Premium but get a Dvd that won't play in my DVD player. I finally burned a DVD by using the burn to dvd disc option in Share and it worked fine with a DVD-R disc but I couldn't burn this way to a DVD+R disc. It rendered but the burn wouldn't progress and when I tried to cancel the program stopped responding. I could make + or -R copies of the good DVD I produced, using the copy disc option in Cyberlink DVD Suite that came installed with the computer.


      I previously used Roxio and there was an option to save the final project as ISO disc image file and then use the copy disc function also in Roxio to create as many playable DVDs as I wanted.


      I'm really new to this Adobe program and would appreciate any pointers I can get.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Can you be more specific what you're saving and what you're doing?


          You say you saved the file for later burning. What do you mean by that and what did you save it as?


          You say you "tried copying the file in Vista Home Premium". Where did you copy it to? Did you simply burned whatever you saved as a DVD?


          You say "I finally burned a DVD by using the burn to dvd disc option in Share and it worked fine with a DVD-R disc but I couldn't burn this way to a DVD+R disc." I'm not sure why you're doing a separate burn for each format.

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            I built a video with transitions ,menue etc to completion .I now want to burn a DVd that will Play in my DVD player to watch on TV. In the share tab you have the option to burn project to DVD or Blue Ray or FIle if your burner is not available so that you can burn it later when it is available. I chose to burn to file which supposedly renders the movie , but sends it to a file on yhe computer for later burning. Using that file later I don't get a DVD that plays.In fact I can't figure out how to get Premiere element to take that file that it rendered and proceed to burn it as a seperate step.

            I decided to forget that saved file for the moment and try the process again choosing the burn DVD option in the share tab.I put a DVD+R in the burner,clicked burn and it proceeded to build the movie and then froze at the actual burn stage .It just sat ther saying burn in progress for over an hour. I repeated with another DVD+R same result. Decided to try -R format and got a complete great DVD in about 20 minutes.THat's what I expected and wondered why it wouldn't work with+R format.

            I can copy the good DVD to either format with a differnt program.Hope extra info helps.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Once you've created DVD files, sometimes Premiere Elements gets messed up if you try a second time, which is apparently what you've done.


              With Windows, browse to the folder you created when you selected the Burn to Folder option. You should find inside that file a couple of folders, one of which is called VIDEO_TS. This is the folder containing your DVD's files.


              Using whatever DVD burner software you have on your computer (NOT Premiere Elements) burn that folder to a DVD disc. That should make a playable DVD. (Some programs, like Nero, require that you indicate that you want a playable DVD rather than a data DVD.)


              If you want to try to recreate the DVD or DVD files with Premiere Elements, try this trick: Before you begin the DVD burn, do a Save As and save your project with a different name. Even better, save it to a new folder.


              This way, when Premiere Elements goes to work creating your DVD files, it will create brand new temp and render files rather than getting new ones mixed up with the old.

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                Thanks for the reply. I rendered the project 4 times. It seems to have

                worked OK  as long as I used a -R media to burn to. Why can Premiere

                Elements burn a DVD straight away but not use the files it creates

                afterwards? Seems like they've missed something in developing the software.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  This is why we usually recommend that you burn your DVD files to a folder on your hard drive rather than directly to a disc.


                  Then you can make an infinite number of copies of your DVD, on any format of disc you want, and you won't have to re-render your files each time. New copies take about 10-15 minutes instead of an hour to make.

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                    I just thought I'd update everyone on the progress I've made in my research regarding burning Video_Ts files to a DVD playable in a DVD player.


                    I created my Video_TS file by choosing the save to file option in Adobe Premiere Elements, with the intention of burning the file to DVD at another time.I then found that I couldn't use Premiere Elements to do the burn after the fact.Now the problem was to find a program that could do the burn.Here is the solution I found.(Too bad APE doesn't have the capability to do this burn of it's own saved file)


                    My HP Pavillion m9528c came pre loaded with Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe.After quite a bit of navigating and exploring I found this program can burn the Video_TS file.Here's how.


                    Open Cyberlink DVD Suite Deluxe

                    At the top, click on Data, then select,"make a data DVD"

                    In the window that opens, click on "New Task"

                    In the window that opens select "Video/Photo Disc" then select "Burn DVD Folder"

                    Browse to find the Video_TS folder you want.

                    Burn to DVD-R (I tried +R media and it wouldn't burn for me- maybe just my system?)


                    This worked for me , hope it does for others as well.

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                      Paul_LS Level 4

                      Glad it is working and thanks for coming back with the update.