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    Help to finish flex project


      I need a help to finish a project in flex. 

      The difficulty that I am taking are: 

      1) I have 2 images, one in jpeg thumbnail and other main vector for viewing receiving zoom. 

      Must reflect the movement of the mouse model of the main image, but it must obey the same area being traveled the thumbnail image in the main, like a magnifying glass, but reflecting their movements in a particular area, but in another image, principal.

      2) must also be exactly the same area because of marked objects will be placed on the main image, and will then be stored and repurados the positions, ie the positions of objects markers accompany the zoom.

      To have an better idea, see the prototype in: http://www.silvadeveloper.comoj.com 

      Any help will be welcome, if it is in code, better.


      Silva Developer 
      silva.developer @ gmail.com