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    Capture window does not show video during playback

    Kent Jakusz

      I am using a Canon XHA1, footage has been recorded in HDV, 1440 x1080i @ 29.97fps NTSC.  When in the capture window the video is seen only on the LCD screen of the camera and with a capture window advisory of "Preview on Camera".  The tutorials show video in the capture window during playback or capture.  In and Out points and all other features seem to be working properly.  Is this something unusual?


      Two questions on one post.  I hope that is allowed.


      My end result is for as high a quality DVD as possible.  The Premier Pro "Help" advises to shoot in 720x540 if quality DVD is your goal.  This camera will shoot in comp. out of either 1080i/480i or 480i, with frame rates of 60i,30F, 24F, image size of 1920x1080 or 848x480.  My subjects are outdoor nature shots.  Any advise on the best settings?

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