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    RichTextEditor changing font deletes the text


      I am using RichTextEditor in my application. At run time, I entered text in RTE box, select the text and change the font. The text gets deleted. Is this bug in control? or am I missing something.


      This is important for me. Please let me know where I am doing wrong?


      I am using SDK 3.2 and flex 3


      Following is the code I use:



      <mx:HBox id="create_charity_banner" width="100%" height="100%" borderStyle="solid"  horizontalAlign="center">
          <mx:VBox width="50%" height="50%"  borderStyle="solid">
          <mx:Label text="Banner image:" />
          <mx:HBox verticalAlign="middle"  width="100%" height="100%">
          <mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%"     borderStyle="solid"  >
          <mx:Image id="img_banner" source="" width="90%" height="90%"/>
          <mx:Button label="Browse"  click="bn_Browse_banner_Click()" width="10%" />
          <mx:VBox width="50%" height="50%" borderStyle="solid" horizontalAlign="center">
             <mx:RichTextEditor id="txt_banner" title="Text at banner" borderStyle="solid"  width="357" height="354"/>