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    Flex RDP client


      Hello All,

      I would like to know if there is any RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client written in Flex/Actionscript 3.0.

      Opinions on approach to develope such solution are welcome.





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          I'm looking for the same RDP Client on FLEX, do we have any news about that ? how to implement such a great solution on FLEX ?

          I would be very interested to know how you proceed


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            chetansa Level 1

            Hello dama-burn,


            I have been looking at few ways and means,


            1. Using RDP ActiveX control - Flex can use ExternalInterface to connect with the ActiveX container, this wouldnt be a 'true' flex application and would be very difficult to integrate with the rest of the application (if any)


            2. Use Actionscript/Flex bridges with various languages (such as  Java, C# e.t.c) eg. Use Merapi project to communicate with one of the Java RDP clients - Need to explore more on this option.

            If above and more such 'work around' type options do not work out then probably only option is to develop an Actionscript library by looking at RDP specifications but that would take lot of effort and time.