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    Why are there 4 (!) FlexBuilder.exe in my TaskManager Process list?

    pxstein Level 1

      Much to my surprise I found 4 (!) different FlexBuilder.exe processes in my TaskManager process list (WinXP+SP3).


      How comes?


      I have currently opened only 1.


      Moreover 3 of them consume between 19 and 30% of the total CPU power!


      Is this a bug?


      If I close the current FlexBuilder one of the 4 vanishes but 3 remain active


      Why are dead Flexbuilder.exe not removed? Do I have to set an explicite option for that?


      I expected even when I start a new instance of FlexBuilder this instance should check wether there is already a running instance

      and warn me or use this.


      Is there a preference "allow only 1 instance of FlexBuilder" ?