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    burning dvd

      When using some of the DVD templates. I recieve the following error; Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Elements 7 encountered a problem and the program shut down. When I change to a other template - no errors of this kind.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you can name some of the templates you're having problems with, it might help us diagnose the problem -- or at least allow us to check to see if we're having the same problems.


          Some templates, for instance, include animation. It's possible your operating system is having problems playing the SWF files.


          Make sure you have installed the latest Quicktime and go to Windows Update manually to ensure you have the latest Windows updates.

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            I am using "wedding Cake" with success now but it wont take "romatic". I installed the newest version of Quick time and update windows today.

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              I installed Quicktime and manually updated Windows. It has no effect - also

              uninstall and re install elements. It works with "wedding cake" but not with


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Romantic includes an MP3 music track. Wedding Cake does not.


                Try Outdoor Wedding or Decorative, which also include MP3 music, and see if it behaves the same way with either of them as it does for Romantic.


                Also, try using Romantic but swapping out the music with a different music track and see if that makes a difference.