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    South of Eden


      It is not unusual for Premiere Pro to crash right out of Windows entirely ten times a day, blaming it on a hard drive glitch but enlightening me no further.  It doesn't even bother to identify which is the hard drive in question, my C: with the Premiere Pro application and associated material or whatever removable drive I happen to be using for a given project I'm working on.

      Anyway, a work-around I've found handy has been to pre-render my entire project.  This cuts down daily renders for proofing to roughly 1.3 times the sequence (or sequence portion)'s finished playback running time.  This worked well for me until I decided to explore the 'Video Previews' options under 'Sequence Settings'.

      I did read the HELP files associated, but felt less clear as to what they did than if I'd just hazarded a guess.  Even so, I decided to explore 'Maximum bit depth' and 'Maximum Render Quality', even though I understood that my choice would mean flushing days' worth of what I'd already pre-rendered.

      A few more days later, I was horror-struck to find that all my new rendering ignored my opacity settings except to interpret '0' as NONE and any degree between '0' and '100' as FULL.  For example, my titles were either off or on, no fade-ins or -outs as I'd indicated in the timeline.  I subsequently eliminated 'Maximum Bit Depth' but my fresh start proved more of the same.

      What are the default settings under 'Video Previews'?  Does 'SNAP' have any bearing on this situation?

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          EH....? Level 1

          Thanks for the Easter sermon on forum sin and redemption, Harm, but I'm mystified as to what part of your wind is meant to fill my sail. 


          I troubled to outline my fairly complicated question as efficiently  and clearly  as possible.  I omitted such information as Operating System, CODEC, etc., but did so on the assumption that it added nothing insightful.


          If you feel I am mistaken, you need only ask, and (helpful hint, Harm) you couild enrich us all by explaining why in this specific instance it makes any difference whatsoever.

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            Phil Griffith Level 2

            as for me, i left my crystal ball in my other pocket. if you want help you should provide more information without anybody having to ask. After all, it's you that is having the problem.

            Only to happy to help when I can.

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              windowman Level 1

              The thing is, a lot of times when people have a lot of system crashes it's because of the codec they're using and so forth. For instance, they might be trying to edit mpg video, and you just can't do it with CS4. DV-AVI, HDPRO, HDV all edit very well. Raw AVI does in theory, but it tends to stutter a lot, so I'd rather compress it slightly first. So the bottom line is, if you don't give the details of what audio/video codec you're using along with some details of your machine, then it's hard to say what's causing the problem.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                A wild guessing game is not what I hope for. Based on the info supplied, this may be a good starting place: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0423237/