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    Weird Choppy Horizontal Lines in Video Capture? Premiere Elements 7(See Image Attached)


      Hey Guys,


      I don't know what this problem is when I import Video (else I wouldn't bug you guys I would search for the answer)  anyways..


      My Problem is this:


      When I import Video from my Canon Vixia HV30 into my Adobe Premier Elements 7 on both my laptop (Windows Vista 2 dual core 32 bit & Desktop Windows Vista 64 bit quad core)  I get this weird choppy horizontal lines where there is movement in the video... which remains when I edit the video and upload to youtube or vimeo.  So basically what I see is what is produced on the final video which makes the video look bad.


      Here is a Visual on What Happening: (a picutre is worth a throusand explantions )





      Does anyone know whats happening?