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    windows projector crashing

      I have 27 linked director movies with 7 QT videos in each dir movie.  I developed the program in OSX.  The projector works fine in OSX when distributed on a DVDrom.


      On windows, after going through about 15 of the linked movies the projector will start to lag, then crash.  It never crashes at the same point, just somewhere between 15 and 22 of the linked movies.  Clicking the next button without navigating to video allows me to go through all the linked movies multiple times over.


      I'm starting to think this is a cumulative effect of running so many video clips.  When I go through the whole DVD only navigating to frames with text and no video, the projector doesn't crash.  Then I tried only going to 2 videos per menu.  Then 4 video per menu.  It started to lag a little more at the end of doing 4 per menu.  Then when I tried 5 videos per menu, it crashed about halfway through.   I was able to test all these scenarios in one session till it crashed. 


      Video is encoded in h264, 2200kbs


      Even though this is distributed on DVDrom, I have streaming selected.  Should I turn this off?


      Also, I am using code to select the QT member:


      property pSelectVideoMember


      on getPropertyDescriptionList

      description = [:]

      description[#pSelectVideoMember] = \

      [#default:"BLANK", \

      #format: #member, \

      #comment:"whichQT" \


      return description



      on beginSprite me

        sprite(me.SpriteNum).member = pSelectVideoMember




      Could this be making the video clips not unload from memory? Perhaps an endSprite handler with member("pSelectVideoMember").unLoad() or some such would do the trick? That is what I am trying next but if anybody has more clues or a different troubleshooting route let me know. 


      In regard to memory, I tried adding a general unLoad ()  to the buttons that navigate to other dir movies but that didn't help.


      Thanks so much


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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I would be inclined to blame QuickTime for the crash you describe. If it's the "standard" Windows crash dialog you can click the 'more info' link and examine implicated modules. When you do so, look out for the first xtra, Director-related dll or QuickTime-related dll file cited. This can often give you an idea of the culprit.


          Try turning off acceleration and test again: go to Control Panel -> QuickTime, activate the Advanced tab and deselect 'Enable DirectDraw acceleration' and 'Enable Direct3D video acceleration'


          Which version of QuickTime is installed on the machine/s you tested on?

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            Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately turning off the acceleration preferences in QT control panel didn't help.  Neither did adding member(pSelectVideoMember).unload() to the endSprite handler of the Quicktime elements. I didn't try deselcting streaming in Director as I think this wont make a difference.


            The computers are running QT7.6


            I've noticed that the Quicktime asset xtra is 6.  Could this have a negative effect?


            The dlls reported in the error report are the general projector .dlls that are added to an xtras folder.  msvcr71.dll, msvcp71.dll, proj.dll, ImL32.dll, msvcrt.dll, Imm32.dll, Dirapi.dll.  These were littered in that order throughout about 20 other modules that listed other general windows dlls.


            It is starting to crash more consistently on the 17th or 18.dir...usually stuttering on the last clips in 17 then crashing in 18.  But I don't know what this really could tell you, all 27 dirs are duplicated.  The text memebrs just have different text typed in them, and the video placeholders contain code to switch to the appropriate video member.


            Since the error doesn't list the QT asset could there be a different problem?  The only thing leading me to accuse the video is that it didn't crash when I only looked at text, or by skipping 3/4 of the videos.  Once I look at all the video elements it crashes. I did write code that resizes and repositions all the stage elements based on a global in the beginmovie handler. ( i tried reading desktop rect list and using drawRect  but text and basically everything looked like crap so I didn't use it).





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              Quicktime was not the culprit, or so it seems anyway.  I commented out all the code in behaviors used for reposition and resize of stage elements and found that it didn't crash anymore. Why would this be fine on a mac, and not on a PC? Unfortunately a major part of the DVD is cut off when not resized. 


              I am not really great with globals... I must need to unload them when moving to the next dir on an end movie handler.


              I think I am just going to make 4 different sized duplicates of my dirs and link to them from the start menu. I didn't really want to do this cause of the shear amount of dirs I would have to resize by hand but seems like the solution with the least amount of potential problems.


              Why oh why doesn't a full screen director projector just resize and fit itself to a users screen? Is this really 2009?



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                I've had a similar problem working with dir 11.5 on the Mac.  While testing the .dir file with lots of videos it eventually won't play the videos.  Sounds like a memory management problem in Director to me.

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                  I have the same problem. I can run a dir file in director 11 just fine, but when I create a projector the app causes a problems that makes windows close the app. I have tried several different codecs, h264, prores422, motion jpegB and I have tried a test score stripped to the waist and still have the same error. Has anyone solved this issue?

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                    kubee_nibbles Level 1

                    Are you testing on Windows XP with service pack 4 or higher?  That 

                    seems to be all that dir 11 supports.  I've had to go back to dir 9 

                    to get director projectors that work on XP with service pack 3 or 

                    earlier windows platforms (included win 98).  But you have to have 

                    both a windows and a Mac version of director 8.5 or 9 to make 

                    projectors for both platforms, and I don't know if you can even buy 

                    them any more!

                    The movies in my programs also require quicktime for windows, which 

                    is a free download, and that seems to be working fine for my movies 

                    (created with imovie).

                    Good luck!


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                      mediaMuse Level 1

                      The Windows XP Pro version 2002 Service pack and has Quicktime installed. The movies play fine in Quicktime player. What is really wierd is that in Parallels on my mac the app works just fine. I have Director 11 on both platforms and have compiled the app in place. The quicktime plays while director is running. It only crashes when a projector is made and run.


                      Failing application stAnthony4.exe, version 11.03.466, faulting module quicktime.qts, version, fault address 0x0086b09e


                      Quicktime version 7.6.2 (515)




                      Dell Vostro Quad @ 2.83Ghz, 3 GB ram

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                        kubee_nibbles Level 1

                        That is really weird.  I gather that Parallels is a windows emulator 

                        on the Mac, correct?  If you've verified that the windows machne is 

                        running XP service pack 4 then it sounds like Director is at fault.  

                        I think you can send them a small app that isn't working and have 

                        them check it out.


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                          mediaMuse Level 1

                          There is no windows service pack 4 for XP. Service pack 3 is the last available. Service pack 4 is for servers and NT.


                          Yes Parallels rums a virtual PC on OSX.

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                            mediaMuse Level 1

                            I finally got this to run without crashing. I turned off DTS on the clips. I believe this is a memory problem. But I just guess. The clips are 1440 x 480 scaled up over two monitors. They will only play at 1 frame per second, where on every other machine (mac or windows) they run 30fps.

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                              Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                              It is QuickTime that is responsible for your crash, and I suggest you try encoding your video to a FLV file that the Flash Asset xtra can play, using a codec like On2VP6

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                                kubee_nibbles Level 1

                                That's strange...  The web site for Director says that the newest 

                                director 11 requires service pack 4, and that it's also compatible 

                                with vista.


                                My movies are small, 320 by 240, and I play them direct to stage with 

                                no controller.  So far I've mainly been using director 9 for 

                                development and to create projectors that run on XP service pack 3 

                                and lower.  I've got to do more testng with the dir 11 ones, but 

                                don't have ready access to machines with vista or XP service pack 4.  

                                I'm out of town now, but will be doing more testing in a couple of 

                                weeks with the dir 11 version.  The only testing I've done so far, 

                                with a different file, worked OK.  I have my fingers crossed!