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    Video cross platform


      On the upgrade details ( http://www.adobe.com/products/director/upgrade/ ) it says "H.264 MPEG-4, FLV, and F4V video support"... has anyone tested this? H.264 for windows without any special install? Thanks in advance!

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Video playback from Director is a function of the guest application that is controlling the video. Director doesn't play video, it just provides an interface to the app that is actually playing the video. This might be Quicktime or Flash or something else entirely. So the claim is sort of just marketing hoo ha. If you are using Quicktime to play your video and your video file is saved as H.264 then it will play if the proper version of Quicktime is installed on the user's computer.

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            Mike Blaustein Level 4

            Actually, D11.5 added the ability to play H.264 video natively.  The player is built into the new xtras.  If you have .mp4 or .flv or .f4v files correctly set up as H.264, then they will play without requiring any external applications.

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Hi Mike,


              That's what I was attempting to say. I guess I was imprecise. Yes, if you use Flash video, then the Flash xtra will handle the playback. This is really possible because Flash can play H.264. Director just watches it happen.

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                Mike Blaustein Level 4

                That was true up until D11.0.  But one of the new features of 11.5 is that it can play H.264 without Flash or the Flash xtra.  There is a new MP4 xtra that handles it without going through Flash.  It is a whole new media type.  In this cae, it is actually Director playing the movie, not allowing the OS or another application to play the movie.  And in opposition to previous video playing experiences, making this new video play DTS actually degrades performance... playing it natively is the best.

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                  This might be of some help to my problems that are in another thread "windows projector crashing"


                  How do you make director use the MP4xtra.  I am using the mac version of Director11.5.  I have 168 video clips in h264 but compressed from FCP>>Compressor so they are in a .mov container.


                  I have a stub exe and app that lead to 27 other .dir files.  The full thing runs fine from the mac.app.  Once I go to a windows computer and run from the .exe it crashes about 3/4 the way through.  It didn't crash when I skipped the video sections of the .exe  leading me to think QT is the culprit.


                  It seems ideal if I could bypass QT and also that I wouldn't have to test for correct QT version in the exe distribution of this DVDrom.


                  Would I have to rencode the clips to .mp4 or .f4v?  Would director then automatically use the mP4 xtra?


                  Thanks so much.


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                    Mike Blaustein Level 4

                    You would need to reencode the movie files as either mp4, flv, or f4v.  When you are in Director, you can click File, Import... then find the file.  It will ask what media type to imort it as.  Choose mp4.  Or, click Insert, Media Element, MP4 Media...


                    Check out the docs on how the mp4 video works, since many of the commands are different than QT.