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    Error #2044 Unhandled ioError

    January_jsd Level 1
      Hi All,

      I've just finished writing a Flex App, and everything is working fine, the problem is that I've been using FireFox to test the app throughout its entire development, and have just tested it on Internet Explorer which produces the following error code:

      Error #2044: Unhandled ioError:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: .../site_input.txt?unq125

      Running this through the command line debugger also produces this error message. What is puzzling is that this runs fine on Firefox and Safari, but on Internet Explorer the error is thrown and the above text input never happens, thus the app just sits there and looks pretty... Error handling in Flex seems somewhat more broad than vb.NET, but the whole try-catch thing isn't new to me, though any error handling I've tried still allows this error to be thrown (see the offending code below).

      I remember reading somewhere that if you make requests for data from the net, you need to add something, some file to your server, or something to allow the request to go through ... or something like that (not very clear, I know). Is it that I'm requesting a text file, not XML? Or is it that the text file contains various clumps of text separated by '---' so I can split it up after download?

      Generally, I just need help getting this error to go away, or some try-catch code to catch the error and ignore it.

      Thanks for any help
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          January_jsd Level 1
          Stranger still, the app works fine on other computers running IE7. All machines are running the same version of IE, with the same security settings, etc.

          It's like this laptop is, for some reason, preventing the download of the text file, but allowing the downloading of pictures (which happens through a datagrid object). The error message box stopped appearing in IE after I downloaded the normal Flash player, removing the Debugging Version).

          Also figured out that by adding 'Mark of the Web' code to the HTML wrapper, that annoying 'To protect your computer ... yada yada yada ... ActiveX / Scripts' warning bar goes away.

          This is more of a nuisance because as long as it runs fine on other IE7 systems, I'm not particularly bothered it doesn't run on my development machine. Though ... the odds are if it doesn't work here, it probably won't work on fair percentage of other systems either.

          So, still need help regarding the above IOStream error ;)
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Add a fault handler, perhaps that will tell you more.