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    PDF files display blank in Acrobat 9

    dishdesigner Community Member

      Hi all:


      I just upgraded to CS4 Master Collection from CS3 (MC) last week, and now I'm having bizarre display issues with PDFs I'm generating with Creative Suite applications. When I export PDFs from both Illustrator and InDesign and view them in Acrobat, they come up briefly and then the page immediately goes blank white and I can't see anything. It just goes away, including the page border outline...



      1. I try changing zoom percentage, and nothing shows up at any percentage.

      2. Opening the same file in Reader 9 many times* shows the PDF correctly.

      3. I have used every conceivable PDF Export setting combination to try and troubleshoot what check box or export option might be causing the issues, but I've not found any combination that eliminates or even helps the problem.

      4. I have completely up-to-date display adapter drivers from the manufacturer's website.

      5. I have the latest Acrobat 9 updates.


      Thanks for reading!

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          Bill@VT MVP

          Do any PDFs display? It almost sounds like no files would display, not just the ones you created.

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            dishdesigner Community Member

            Well, yes, "some" PDFs will display OK, but most don't....even old files I've made a long time ago.


            I have noticed that the page thumbnails are always OK - in other words, they do show the page content. It's not making just a blank PDF file.


            And I have noticed that when the display area goes white like this, I can view the file correctly by switching to Full Screen slideshow mode. But as soon as I exit Full Screen mode, the display area of Acrobat (from the thumbnails sidebar over to the right-side scrollbar) goes back to completely white!



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              Bill@VT MVP

              Sounds like it may be the PDF, but then again it may be your AA9 installation. To check the former, you may want to post a PDF here that you are having problems with. I will not be able to open it in AA9 (don't have that at this point), but others may be able to check it out.

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                The same thing is happening to me except all my pdf files are now plain black screens! I have Acrobat 9 and CS4 too.

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                  Bobby_Johnson_ Community Member

                  May I know the minor version of Acrobat 9 you have installed? You can check that from Help>About Acrobat 9. Also is the PDF a scanned one? Or it includes any graphics? The method you used to create the PDF - is that using the PDF printer or the PDFmaker icon ? Try creating a simple document in word or notepad and convert. We need to isolate the issue.

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                    Bill@VT MVP

                    Another possibility, particularly with scanned pages, is to be sure the preferences are set to view large images. If the PDF is a collection of images, you probably need that selection to view the PDF. Typically this selection is not checked.

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                      My engineers are just starting to upgrade to Acrobat 9.0 standard.   We were forces to from out 6.0, which worked just fine.  So far only one person has noticed their screen going black and the toolbars disappearing.  He does not have any READER installed which shouldn't matter.  It appears from what I've read here there is no solution at this time.  It doesn't happen to him all the time but it's very frustrating when it does.  The only thing he can do is quit out of the window and start up another window.