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    PDF files display blank in Acrobat 9

    dishdesigner Level 1

      Hi all:


      I just upgraded to CS4 Master Collection from CS3 (MC) last week, and now I'm having bizarre display issues with PDFs I'm generating with Creative Suite applications. When I export PDFs from both Illustrator and InDesign and view them in Acrobat, they come up briefly and then the page immediately goes blank white and I can't see anything. It just goes away, including the page border outline...



      1. I try changing zoom percentage, and nothing shows up at any percentage.

      2. Opening the same file in Reader 9 many times* shows the PDF correctly.

      3. I have used every conceivable PDF Export setting combination to try and troubleshoot what check box or export option might be causing the issues, but I've not found any combination that eliminates or even helps the problem.

      4. I have completely up-to-date display adapter drivers from the manufacturer's website.

      5. I have the latest Acrobat 9 updates.


      Thanks for reading!