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    Need help modifying xml/flash shopping cart

      Hi all. I'm new to this forum and I really hope you guys can help a newbie modify an existing flash shopping cart I purchased from Flashden.net (link). The cart uses two XML files to pull in data and to configure most of the data settings.

      I need help with one thing: I'm using this cart on a sunglasses shopping site and I need to configure the optional sunglasses to be clickable so they can be added to the cart. I know I need to modify both the flash .fla and the xml file so I've included the code for both below.

      The  domain name is http://www.ohlalasunglasses.com to the website I'm trying to re-configure. The section I need to edit has the optional sunglasses on the right-hand side of the main photo.


      Here's the code from the first xml file that does some of the basic settings. This file is called settings.xml.


      <itemsincart>SUNGLASSES IN 
      <additem>ADD ITEM TO 


      Here's sample code of the basic XML file structure from the xml file called xmlfile.xml. This is where I enter the sunglass data.


      <cat1 title="Gold Collection 1">
      <item name="601 D and G (women)" id="601" price="12.95" thumb="thumbs/gold/601.jpg" pic="pics/gold/601.jpg" shipping1="0.00" shipping2="0.00">
      <img src="opt/gold/601.jpg" alt="sunglass option 1"></img>



      I attached a file called actionscript.txt so you can see what actionscript needs to be modified. All I need to do is figure out a way to make the optional images clickable so they can be added to the main cart. We can also just create a button that says add to cart next to each sunglass option. Either way works for me.

      I really appreciate all your expertise and help on this project. I'm even willing to compensate the person who can help me come up with a workable solution. I can also provide you with the original .fla if that will help you out. Just PM me. Thanks!

      Steve aka Stratus9000