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    Trying to export a movie compressed with H.264 out of AE

    shoutzager Level 1

      I am having some issues with exporting a movie compressed with H.264. I am using AE CS3. When I output with the settings of this image:




      I get an error message that is below in the image.  I have to leave Quicktime in the top settings in the output module and then select H.264 in the format button.  It allows me to render out, but a message appears saying it is better to select H.264 from the "format" dialog box.


      * Also, when I export out to H.264 the file size is much larger than just using quicktime pro.  I think it might be better to export an uncompressed file from AE and then use QT pro to compress but that is going to use up a lot of disc space.



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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          You're probably getting that error because of a frame size/codec conflict.

          Your comp is 900x600, and the MainConcept codec is looking for a frame size of 720x480 (NTSC DV).

          Using the Quicktime wrapper to export the H.264 is a fine optioin, however, AE will not do as good of a job compressing to that codec as Quicktime Pro, or a dedicated compression application would do. AE can only cache a limited number of frames for the compression process (frames before and after the current frame), and as a result, the compression quality and filesize will not be as small as they could be by using a different tool for the job.

          As such, your supposition about rendering out an uncompressed/losslessly compressed movie and then running it through QT Pro (or another compression application) yielding superior results was a correct one.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Andrew said, the Mainconcept/ AME stuff works with fixed sizes and matrices. Therefore exporting a QT movie using anotehr CoDec and generating the H.264 output from QT Pro seems the easiest way of achieving peace. If you're feeling adventurous, you could render at a standardized HD res and use tools like SUPER© to transcode and resize your stuff, but that realyl depends. For short segments it's usually not worth the compromises in quality. It only has value for long stuff, where re-rendering in QT Pro would cost a lot of time...