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    CFC Issue when invoking a method

    apocalipsis19 Level 1

      Hello Community:


      I am getting the following error message when invoking my CFC:


      "If the component name is specified as a type of this argument, its possible that a definition file for the component cannot be found or is not accessible."


      This is the code where I call the method:


      <cfinvoke component="cfc.cartSelection" method="#meth#">
                      <cfinvokeargument name="inum" value="#ihdnum#">
                      <cfinvokeargument name="qty" value="#qty#">


      Any thoughts are deeply appreciated!



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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          The two things that jump out at me are the component and method attributes of your cfinvoke tag.  Is the name of your cfc file really cfc.CartSelection.cfc?  Plus, using a variable to for the method you want to run is something you don't see very often.

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            insuractive Level 3

            Check the following:


            1) That the following path will reach your CFC: "/cfc/cartSelection.cfc" - if not, you may need to set up a CF mapping to point /cfc to the correct directory


            2) Have you tried hardcoding in the value of the method?  Does that return a valid result, or are you still getting the same error?

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              newchickinCF Level 1

              Hi, You specified this:




              check to make sure that you have a cfc folder and cartSelection.cfc as the CFC inside the CFC Folder.


              I would suggest you 1 way. if you are using application.cfc or application.cfm:


              try as:


              <cfset request.cfcPath = cfc>


              if you cfc is in admin path and application.cfm file is outside the admin root


              you can fetch it as:


              <cfset request.cfcPath =admin.cfc>


              Try it and let me know how it goes.


              Also your method name is dynamic, make sure the method name you are calling exist or not.